Who We Are

Celebrated  artisan, Kambiz Khadivi, is the founder of Urban Pioneer Construction. Holding a Masters degree in both Architecture, Planning & Arts, Kambiz  has over 45 years experience in architectural design – proudly serving the Dallas community for almost 30 years.

In his travels to Europe, he has a keen eye for the old heritage buildings in Amsterdam – which is famous for its “signature buildings”. Old historical buildings are often made with long-lasting and durable materials, making them quite an investment. They often have a unique architectural design and craftsmanship that cannot be duplicated. Besides, heritage buildings are part of a city’s history and can potentially offer growth opportunities.

Kambiz’s extensive knowledge and experience in property development, building, and construction, made him a trusted source for any residential or commercial endeavor.  Together with his team, we offer the best solutions for property owners in building, remodeling, or upgrading their homes and commercial projects. Real estate investments can be profitable. We have partnered with many investors, homeowners, and developers to buy, restore, sell, and build their dream homes.

Today, we strongly believe preserving “old architecture” is an inheritance from the past. It is proven beneficial. And it could generate income thus creating more tax revenue for the City too.

Let us work together!

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